Lost in Ghent - The city game

Discover the mysteries behind this historic and beautifull city


We offer your team a fun morning or afternoon activity. You will be tracking through the historical city center of Ghent, on a quest to solve some of the greatest local mysteries. Along the way you will learn more about the city. We are locals and we offer a game with themes, puzzles and locations that are truly linked with the city.

Lamb in Ghent: The just judges

It's 1934 and after more then a year with no progress in the search for the panel of the just judges, that was stolen from the St Bavo's Cathedral, there is suddenly a new lead. The broker Arsene Goedertier confesses with his dying breath, that he - and only he - knows where the panel can be found. With the instructions that you have found in his home you will get started. There is, however something fishy going on, because it seems that the clergy and politicians are somehow involved!

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15-30 persons

€ 30 p.p.

A game takes 2 to 4 hours.

Payment is done in advance through bank transfer.


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Our location

Gent 9000

We meet in front of the entrance of the Gravensteen castle, at the Veerleplein. Try to use public transport. There is free parking and free shuttles from the P+R at the Weba. If you come by car, follow the parking route and try to park at the Vrijdagsmarkt or Sint-Michiels

Mail: info@zoek.gent
Tel: + 32 (0) 485 65 91 53
VAT: BE0597.907.109


How many people can play at once?

Your group should consist of minimum 15 and maximum 30 persons

We are only with a small group, we are looking for an activity indoor or we do not have that much time.

We also offer escape rooms. Take a look at our website!


How to book?

Please book via the web site. If there are no timeslots available, we are either fully booked or closed. In case of doubt, feel free to call or mail us

We would like to have a drink or a meal afterwards.

Absolutely! We can also provide formulas, including meals.
You can also use a meeting room before or after.
Call or mail us for availability and details.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 14 years. Children over 14 years are welcome, but only if accompanied by adults. Please indicate at registration.

How long does it takes to play a game?

A game lasts 2 to 4 hours.

In which language the game can be played?

Most of the puzzles are language independent. The remaining riddles are provided in Dutch, English, French and German.

Do I have to be in physically good shape?

You must be able to stroll through the city center of Ghent

Is is possible to provide an invoice?

Yes. The invoice will be mailed in a digital version. Please enter your company's name, address and VAT number in the comment box.


Keep in mind you have stroll through the center for a couple of hours. There might be stairs.

Help! I didn't get a confirmation of my booking by email

It might be in your spam folder. If not feel free to contact us!

Can a gift voucher be bought?

Yes! Send us an email or give us a call so we can provide the details.

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